Da Vinci ® Robotic Surgical System:

The Da Vinci Surgicial System is powered by state-of-the-art robotic technology.
The system allows your surgeons hand movements to be scaled, filtered, and
translated into precise movements of micro-instruments within the operative site.

Dr. Lennert was the first urologist to perform laparoscopic robotic surgery in the Lehigh Valley. Various urologic procedures can be performed in this manner.  Examples include prostate cancer surgery, bladder surgery, kidney surgery, and adrenal surgery. 

The Da Vinci Surgical System enhances surgical capabilities by enabling the performance of complex surgeries through tiny surgical openings. The system cannot be programmed nor can it make decisions on its own. The Da Vinci System requires that every surgical maneuver be performed with direct input from your surgeon.This System has been successfully used in thousands of prostate cancer procedures worldwide.

Da Vinci ® System Technology: Da Vinci System Technology Video

The Surgical Treatment : Radical Prostatectomy

Open Prostatectomy Incision:

One of the most common treatments for prostate cancer involves surgical removal of the prostate gland, known as radical prostatectomy. Traditional radical prostatectomy requires a large, 8-10 inch incision. this open surgery commonly results in substantial blood loss, a lengthy and uncomfortable recovery and the risk of impotence and incontinence.

Da Vinci ® Prostatectomy Incisions : A Less Invasive Surgical Procedure

If surgery is recommended to treat your prostate cancer, you may be a candidate for this new, less-invasive surgical procedure which offers numerous positive benefits.

This procedure incorporates a state-of-the-art surgical system that helps your surgeon see vital anatomical structures more clearly and to perform a more precise surgical procedure.

Recent studies suggest that Da Vinci® Prostatectomy may improve cancer control and reduce the risk of urinary incontinence and impotence following surgery.

For most patients, Da Vinci ® Prostatectomy offers numerous potential benefits over open prostatectomy including:

  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Less Pain
  • Less risk of infection
  • Less blood loss and transfusions
  • Less scarring
  • Faster recovery
  • Quicker return to normal activities

Explore the Da Vinci ® System:

The Da Vinci ® Surgical System provides superior visualization, enhanced dexterity, greater precision and ergonomic comfort,  making it possible for Dr. Lennert  to perform minimally invasive procedures involving complex dissection or reconstruction. This ultimately raises the standard of care for Dr. Lennert's complex surgeries, translating into numerous potential patient benefits.

In Site Vision:

The high-resolution 3D stereo viewer is designed to provide surgeons with an immersive
experience. Unlike conventional approaches, the target anatomy appears at high
magnification, in brilliant color and with natural depth of field. This allows the surgeon
to dissect nerves accurately with minimal trauma and allows for greater nerve preservation
during the operation. To perform a procedure, the surgeon uses the console’s master
controls to maneuver the patient-side cart’s four robotic arms, which securely hold the
patented EndoWrist instruments and high-magnification endoscopic camera.


EndoWrist Instruments:

The Endowrist instruments’ jointed-wrist design exceeds the natural range of motion
of the human hand; motion scaling and tremor reduction further interpret and refine
the surgeon’s hand movements.

These Endowrist instruments move like a human wrist, but allow for increased dexterity,
maneuverability and precision.

The Da Vinci ® Surgical System:


A Da Vinci Prostatectomy Patient Education Video
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This video offers further understanding of
how this surgical method is changing the
experience of prostate surgery.

Da Vinci Patient Education Video

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